Deck? Know Why The Heck Is It Important?

Building a house? Does your wife want a deck? Do you think it’s too expensive for something that is not so important? Think again. A deck can change your life. How? Keep scrolling down.

But first things first. What is a deck? Deck is basically a floor without walls and roof. In other words, it is just a floor, attached to house, at slightly a higher level and most importantly it is outdoor.

• Play the Hostess

Do you like it when people praise you for having great taste? Now, let the appraisal flow in. Host a birthday party or a barbeque or just a little party for your friends or just a nice movie on the big screen. Anything is possible now.

• Home Value Reaches the Top of the Charts

Adding a deck has become a status symbol in today’s world. Adding deck to your place increases the property value of the whole area. You can make up for minimum 72% cost of building it easily, which is much higher than that obtained from others.

• Aesthetic Appeal

A deck brings a different warmth to your house. It gives your home that extra wow factor. The look of the house is enhanced in a pleasant way. Be ready to hear those ooh and aahs.

• Quick to Built

Wondering how long will it take? Not more than a week. If given appropriate time and right amount of effort, it can be easily made. The best part is, you don’t have to vacate the house or stop your daily activity while the patio is being made.

• The Backyard Doesn’t Get Wasted

Don’t know where to keep all that extra furniture? Is your garage full? Don’t worry, use your patio. Keep those potted plants or the barbeque at the deck itself. Also, use it as an open garage as well. Keep your motorcycle or your children’s bike over there.

• Extended Living Room

Want to just lie down and look at the stars? Or do you want to just sit and talk to your loved ones? Here is the solution. Just build a deck. Use it for a little picnic with your family or for a romantic evening with your special one. Also, it is perfect for yoga or exercise. Your kids can use it to play as well. It is good for them to go out of the house once in a while as well.

• Worth it!

The building cost of a deck is minimal. It is less costly than the flooring or wiring as well. Compared to other add ons, this one is the most cost effective. It not only gives a boost to the value, but also brings you closer to the nature. Also, it is extremely easy to build on your own. So, don’t worry about the contractor.

• Little Maintenance

If you think, this is all, think again. It is extremely easy to maintain. Just sweep vacuum and wipe.

See? Isn’t it worth it? Now, don’t just sit there. Get up, get dressed and run to the nearest home appliance store. Built it from the scratch with your children or just get one installed as a gift to you wife. Who would have known, a deck can change your life?

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